Manufacturing and Design

J. Huete currently has 12.000 sqm of industrial land and a warehouse equipped with the most modern machinery to manufacture greenhouses …

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Development of Agricultural Businesses

J. Huete carries out COMPREHENSIVE PROJECTS giving Turnkey solutions for every customer according to their needs, also adapting the projects to every climate, country and crop…

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Technology Development

In J. Huete we can design and develop technological solutions involving the solution and/or improvement of such requirements and needs….

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Since its foundation, in J. Huete we have taken care to provide our customers a personalized and efficient service, based on the quality of our products and the professionalism of our people.

Our goal is to offer the right solution for each Project in which we are involved, managing to be more than a supplier, a true Technological Partner.

In J. Huete we prepare ourselves every day; we continuously improve our products, develop new ones and adapt flexibly to the changing needs of the market and of our customers.

For us it is a real pride to build lasting relationships and mutual trust, grounded in the values and principles that govern our actions as a Company and that make J. Huete an excellent choice for your Project.

Javier Huete



In J. Huete we are committed to our Human Capital that gives life to the Company as well as to our Customers, who are the reason for our daily effort. Therefore, in J. Huete we believe and promote the Values that set the standard to carry out our work.

In J. Huete we believe in the excellence of our work, which translates into providing our collaborators and our customers of products and services that respond best to their needs and expectations. In J. Huete, we understand quality in all its aspects: from the point of view of our people, our projects, our products and our customer service.


We are committed to stability and the best working conditions for our employees. Also, for us it is very important to extend that commitment to delivering quality products and services for our customers, while we care and are committed to our environment.


Our Human Capital is our most important asset; therefore it is essential to promote the integration of the effort of each and every one of us in the achievement of the objectives and thus, be able to give ourselves to our customers with the best results. Every department of the Company works together to carry out projects in the most efficient way possible, promoting the interaction, both between different Departments, as between the different J. Huete Subsidiaries and Offices all around the world.


In J. Huete we promote the truth as the basic tool to ensure the trust and credibility of the Company.


We give ourselves in everything we do, we always commit with the heart and with reason.


In J. Huete, every customer is unique, as well as their requirements and needs and we know how to listen to understand and, thus, be able to respond according to the specifications of each of our customers. This attention is focused, not only on the preparation of the projects and implementation thereof, but also in solving the problems arising from the daily activity.


J. Huete was founded in January 1995 with the intention of incorporating high technology and innovation to the agriculture sector and of the protected crop.

At present the Company has an industrial area of 12.000 spm intended for the manufacture of greenhouse structures and technological accessories (screen accessories, heating, humidification and irrigation systems, climate control, etc.), as well as the Human Capital needed for the Advice, Design, Manufacture and Installation of all the technology, and the Global Agricultural Business Development Project.


In each project we have developed important links with our customers and Strategic Allies.


The foregoing, has enabled us to establish an International Network, which helps us to get feedback based on the operation of each project.


In that way, in J. Huete, always interested in being at the forefront, we develop new models and improvements thereto.


We include equipment that has proven its functionality and performance in our new projects; we remain attentive to the international trends that are leading the way in the development, quickly responding to new needs and requirements.



Experience in Agribusiness for more than 25 years.
Great knowledge of the sector in 4 continents.
Creation of 5 companies of Agrifood technology and services.

Javier Huete

Javier Huete

Integrated Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering (ICAI).
Experience in Strategy & Business Consulting at PwC.

Javier Huete Lázaro

Business Development

Graduated in food engineering with international seal of ABET and EUR-ACE.
Master in agronomic engineering
Specialist in waste and quality management.

Amir Abbas

Export Dept. - Medical Cannabis Project

More than 10 years of experience in project realization.
International experience in more than 30 countries.

Juan Carlos Tovar

Project Deparment
Carlos Martinez

Master in Production Management in the field of mechanical metal.
Occupational Health and Safety Course.
Experience in Production Processes since 2002.

Carlos Martínez

Production Dept.
Juan Francisco

More than 20 years of experience in Technical Management.
International experience in more than 30 countries.

Juan Francisco Moreno

Technical Manager

Diploma in Finance and Marketing.
Business experience of more than 25 years.
More than 10 years of experience in the sector.

Fued Alle

Manager at J.Huete Mexico

Experience since 2013 in the sector. International experience in CIS and Latin American countries. Specialist in heating and irrigation systems.

Thomas Le Saint

Project Deparment

Experience in civil and agricultural construction.
Specialist in hydraulic installations.
Experience like project management.

Noemi García

Technical Department
Joaquin Casanova

Experience in Management and Execution of turnkey projects for more than 25 years.
Experience in more than 20 countries and more than 150 projects.

Joaquín Casanova

Assembly Dept.
Cayetano Navarro

Master in Project Management.
Experience of more than 20 years in the sector.

Cayetano Navarro

National Sales Manager
Miguel Angel Huete

Technician in Administrative and Financial management.
Technician in Purchasing Management.
More than 20 years of experience in administrative, financial and procurement management.

Miguel Ángel Huete

Administration Dept.
Juan Perez

Experience in Product Design since 2005.
Specialist in Marketing and Advertising Management.

Juan Pérez

Marketing and Design Dept.
Paco Martinez

Course in stock management and warehouse control.
Experience in Logistics since 2000.

Paco Martínez

Logistics Dept.
Luis Garcia

Experience in Management and Execution of turnkey projects for more than 15 years.
Experience in more than 15 countries and more than 100 projects.

Luis García

Assembly Dept


Strategic location: J.HUETE is located in the center of the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world.

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