Photovoltaic solar energy: how to reduce costs in greenhouses

10 Jan Photovoltaic solar energy: how to reduce costs in greenhouses

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source that is increasingly being used in agriculture. In this article, we will discuss how solar energy can be used in greenhouses to improve plant cultivation and reduce operating costs.

Greenhouses are structures that are used to protect plants from the environment and thus control their growing conditions. However, these structures require energy to maintain ideal conditions, especially in terms of lighting and climate. Using solar energy in greenhouses can help reduce these costs and improve crop yields.

Solar energy can be used in greenhouses in a number of ways, for example:

  • Lighting: solar panels can be used to generate electricity and power artificial lights in the greenhouse. This can help to increase lighting time and improve crop yields.
  • Heating: thermal equipment can be used to heat the air and water in the greenhouse. This, powered by solar energy, can help maintain ideal temperatures and reduce costs.
  • Ventilation: a suitable solar-powered circulation system allows humidity and temperature to be controlled.
  • Irrigation: Irrigation systems can be used to pump water to feed the plants.

In addition to these benefits, using solar energy in greenhouses also improves the sustainability of the crop. As solar energy costs continue to fall, it is becoming increasingly cost-effective for farmers and growers to adopt this technology.

4 advantages of installing solar panels and powering a greenhouse with them

  • Energy cost savings: Solar energy is a free, renewable energy source once the necessary infrastructure is in place, which can help reduce the energy costs associated with operating a greenhouse.
  • Increased energy independence: by using solar energy, growers can reduce their dependence on the grid and the costs associated with it.
  • Increased energy efficiency: solar energy can be used to power lighting, heating, ventilation and irrigation systems in the greenhouse, which can help improve energy efficiency and increase crop yields.
  • Improved crop quality: by using solar energy to light and control climatic conditions in the greenhouse, ideal growing conditions can be created.

In contrast, the installation of solar panels to power greenhouses must solve a challenge: where to place them, or how, so that they do not block the sunlight received by the crops. New options, such as transparent or retractable panels, are being developed.

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